Comment Field is added in G/L Entries

I found comment field in general ledger entries on D365BC version 19.
I couldn’t find the official release document as of 8th Sept. 2021, but I think it might be a new feature added in Wave 2 since it didn’t exist in v18.3.

1. Specifications of the existing version

The existing version I checked is v18.3

The comment field exists in the version 18.3 of the General Journal page. However, the field description says that it is not transferred to ledger entries.

Try to post and check.

This is a screenshot of an general ledger entries. Ctrl+Alt+F1 activates the page inspector, and a keyword ‘Comment’ doesn’t match.

2. New Specifications added in this wave

Enter your comments in the General Journal page in the same way.

Post it.

Check the general ledger entries. Search for ‘Comment’ in the Page Inspector and you will see that the field exists.

The comment field could not be added in the page by personalization.

You can add comment field using the design feature.

Comment column has been added.

Our customer sometimes asked me why comment field doesn’t transfer to G/L . This change makes it a little more convenient.


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